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On Friday 27th February 2015 Theresa May MP came to visit H&M Security Services Ltd Head Office in Highams Park, London to commend us on the work we have been within the Security Industry since we started back in February 2000.

H&M Security Visit from Home Secretary Theresa MayH&M Security Services Limited has exemplary records of employee screening and vetting which are maintained in line with BS 7858. The company works very closely with other agencies as well as the SIA and HMRC to ensure that the company’s employees maintain the right to work, retain Visa authority and comply with Government employee taxation rules and regulations. These other agencies include the UK Border Agency, National Insurance Records Bureau and the ECS (Employee Checking Service). By following its rigorous procedures H&M HR team has identified 70 illegal workers attempting to obtain work and those who’s right to work has been revoked. In recognition of this H&M Security Services Limited Head Office in Higham’s Park was paid a visit by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Theresa May showed particular interest in H&Ms screening and vetting procedures that were highlighted in the company’s most recent SIA audit as being one of our best areas of practice. Detailed records of vetting are kept to comply with BS 7858 and are secured to meet Data Protection Act requirements.

The security industry is often targeted by illegal workers and criminals. H&M have a legal responsibility to prevent illegal work in the UK, and protect our clients. H&M check every potential employee’s proof of right to work in the UK before they can start with the company. Managing Director, Ian Henderson said: “We have been instrumental in deterring people who have no right to work in the UK. Our vetting processes go above and beyond the run of the mill. It is done thoroughly and staff undergo continuous training. The industry is also targeted by people who cannot find casual work, including illegal immigrants.”

At the end of her visit the Home Secretary thanked H&M’s Managing Director Ian Henderson for his contribution to local charities and those supporting ex-military personnel, and commented on the positive and professional impression made by his team during her visit.

Brian Tuite, H&M’s Finance Director said, “It was a great honour to have a visit from the Home Secretary, and recognises the good work being done by everyone working for H&M Security.”

We are extremely proud to state that we also have an excellent record of staff retention, partly due to the fact that we value and develop our personnel. This demonstrates our commitment to retaining our quality people. This is no doubt due to the fact that we place great emphasis on employee welfare, development and endeavour to provide the highest level of support and back-up.