Having identified a growing demand for personal security from visitors to the United Kingdom, H&M Security Services is proud to launch its new VIP Security Services division in the House of Lords.

H&M has been providing security to businesses in the city of London and the UK, for over twenty years and have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality flexible services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

As an accredited member of the UK’s Security Industry Authority’s approved contractor scheme, H&M directly employ over 600 security professionals.

Its owner Ian Henderson spent many years working in Arab countries and maintains these links through his charitable works and donations.

H&M Security’s VIP division offers a wide range of services including personal escort services, residential security solutions, and security trained chauffeurs.

“Having had huge successes over the years in the UK were really happy to launch our new VIP division. We’re excited to be offering a new way forward in personal bespoke security”.

The launch was hosted on behalf of H&M by Lord Rupert De Maule and was attended by over fifty guests in the prestigious Attlee Room.

The event was attended by various diplomatic representatives from the many Gulf States including Arab media and TV presenter Fadia Al Taweel who applauded Ian Henderson’s personality and respect for the Arab culture.

Spearheading H&M’s VIP division is Tania Al-Hassani who said: “I’m very excited about the new VIP division, there’s tremendous opportunity to offer some really good services to esteemed clientele looking for a distinct service.  

“H&M was awarded the commendation of being listed in the top 1000 companies to Inspire Britain list 2018 so I have no doubt the new VIP division will be a great success”