Two dedicated H&M officers commended for over 10 years’ service with a fabulous lunch at head offices in Highams Park.

On Friday 17th August, two H&M security members of staff were honoured for their long service, dedication, and continuous devotion to H&M security. The lunch recognised staff who have reached a significant milestone in their careers that spanned over 10 years’ service with the company.  

Managing director Ian Henderson praised the members of staff for their hard work and dedication. “We’re really pleased to have staff that have been working with us for such a long time we value our officers and are proud that they can act as great ambassadors for the company and our clients. Our people are our strongest assets so we wanted to do something nice for them to show that they are appreciated”.

Inder Rathore, who works on the Costains London Bridge redevelopment project said “H&M have been pretty good to me, and I’ve enjoyed working with the company”.

“I’ve never had any major issues as such, any time I wanted anything done or if I’ve had a problem I could go to management, speak to them and my problem would be dealt with.”

“At London Bridge the team spirit has been great and we’ve become more of a family now. We were just colleagues at first, but because we’ve obviously spent more time together we’ve grown to develop a good relationship, we know each other’s’ pros and cons. You do have general guards that come and go, but the main ones have stuck things out from the start. Many of us have been working here for the past six years so it’s been really good”.

The group celebrated with a gorgeous assortment of drink and food supplied by Breeze London as they laughed joked and reminisced on the early days of H&M.

Another staff member being recognised for their long service was Abbas Daramy-Basse who works at Paddington on Laing O Rouke’s project. He spoke on how he couldn’t see himself working for another security company.

“I did try a number of companies but I eventually settled with H&M as that’s where I felt most comfortable and I’ve been with the company ever since. If I had to leave H&M then I would be going to a different career but I can’t leave H&M to join another security company because it just wouldn’t feel right when H&M have been so good to me.”