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H&M security services have been working in partnership with Costain at London Bridge station since April 2012. As their requirements shift, we continue to offer solutions that aid their efforts from a security perspective. Whilst the role of the team and number of officers working on the contract over the life of the project has varied considerably, we provide over 30 officers, day and night to fully secure the location. We have a team of 90 security officers who are fully inducted to the site and available to fill any request for any extra security requirements should the need arise.


The site is positioned at one of London’s busiest train stations and commuter hubs with the work zones adjoining busy station areas. As a result of this, keeping the public and construction areas separate and safe proves to be a constant challenge. Due to the location of the site this makes the site a prime target for terrorists and protesters looking to gain maximum publicity. The Solution The team use PDF devices for checking all personnel entering the site, ensuring appropriate identification is shown on entry. This effective process ensures only authorized persons enter.
The team are also responsible for the monitoring of the CCTV covering the site, and regular patrols to ensure that perimeter security and site safety is maintained. We have also provided formal training for CCTV control room operators, first aiders and incident controllers. In addition to this, we have developed coaching modules for staff in non-accredited skills, such as using PDFs and carrying out drugs and alcohol screening.


With huge demands on site, the project has to work closely with the local community who live and work in the area, and with the large number of commuters who use the station every day. This involves interacting with the Network Rail staff, London Underground, TfL, British  Transport, Metropolitan Police and the many local community and business groups in the area. Our officers are the first point of contact for many of these groups and the individuals. We have established a network of both formal and informal communication channels to assist in our interactions with these key stakeholders and our client’srepresentatives.