Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Intruder theft and criminal damage is a threat and cost to a business. Electronic intruder detection systems can provide cost-effective protection and act as a deterrent to intruders while alerting staff and police. Alarm monitoring can provide a cost-effective alternative to manned guarding, especially when supported with mobile patrols.

Many companies ignore the real cost of a break-in until it is too late. The theft of stock, hardware, and data can be detrimental. Insurance may cover some of the losses, but the disruption can mean delays, lost work and even lost customers. Protecting your business through an effective alarm monitoring system can reduce the risk to your business.

We can provide cost-effective alarm monitoring of Intruder alarms and respond as per your requirements. Our 24/7 control room has trained, licensed staff able to respond to your needs. We also have the capability to integrate alarm monitoring into part of a more holistic security package, and would be happy to help you with options and advice on how best you could achieve this.