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ABC Electrification


H&M have been appointed to the ABC Electrification joint venture project supporting the updated works for the overhead power cables for the West coast line. Running for a period of three years, the project will consist of manned guarding, CCTV surveillance and patrols. The joint venture project offers a strong degree of flexibility, to provide the most appropriate value solution in line with the various phases of the projects. By working together, ABC electrification presents a viable and attractive alternative to the established multi-disciplinary contractors currently in the industry. Our knowledge and experience of the sector has given us the ability to provide a tailored service solution for each of our clients.


The railway infrastructure provides some unique challenges for the security sector with regards to asset protection due to the linear nature of the infrastructure, and the typical assets the regulations and compliance requirements working “on or near the line”. At H&M security we recognise the challenges faced by the rail sector, and bring the best industry practice to bear for our clients.


All of the security provisions we provide requires a dedicated approach based on a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, and the ability to deliver the results of the highest quality. Through delivering rail/construction projects, we manage interfaces with train operating companies, station users and passengers, maintenance and operational teams, as well as contractors delivering other packages such as rail or signaling.


H&M security have built a strong andtrusting operational relationship which allows the ABC JV to focus on core issues by offering peace of mind that their security requirements are in the best hands. At H&M security, we are not just securing lines, trackside areas or upgrades, we are securing the customers reputation and ability to complete their projects on time,and without financial penalties.