Multiple Role Guarding

New breed of security officers for the construction industry

As a leading UK Security provider as a minimum all our Guards hold a SIA licence and CSCS card to start with, they can also come with the following certifications to assist the client in maintaining the site cost so as not having to employ individual staff for each job and therefore keeping down the overall budget cost.

Traffic Marshall

H&M are deploying Security / Traffic Marshall’s more and more with construction companies to keep cost’s down, this has proving to work very well within the site compounds.

Tool Box Talk

Some of our existing site’s are now using our Guards to do Tool box talks this will free up the site supervisor to carry out his work at a very busy time of day i.e. start of shift first thing in the morning.
Added extras also include Fire Marshall and First Aid if you put this package together this would not only give you a large saving on cost but would free up the site team allowing them to concentrate on the work required to keep the project on time and in budget.


One person controlling the integrity of the site from the main gate answerable to the site Manager and Supervisors, they would also if required be responsible for enforcing the FORS (Fleet Operators Recognising Scheme) on vehicles at the point of entry that has been put in by TFL when sites are located in the London area. 


The cost for the above will vary depending on the area i.e.: London Living wage.