In hospitals and the NHS there are many rooms and spaces, high-value equipment, accessibility to drugs, many entrances and ease-of-movement around the building and premises.

The critical assets of a hospital are its people, property, information and reputation – All must be protected with highly skilled and professional security services. The main threats in a hospital environment are theft, gang members, threats against patients or staff, and crimes of opportunity.

At H & M we understand the importance of security within the NHS and are currently work with NHS Mile End, St Leonards Hospital, East Ham Health Centre, Nightingale Practice, Kenworthy Road, John Howard Centre.

We provide onsite CCTV monitoring, mobile visits and response to alarm activations, call in service to district nurses working with drug users and potential dangerous cases in people’s homes, reception duties, working mental health units, providing contract escorts, we also monitor car parks, provide car park officers and A full security services.

We work in partnership with local residents, police, council and all relevant authorities to ensure the safety of all NHS sites we operate.