H&M Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

H&M Celebrates 15th Year Anniversary as a Leader in High Quality Security

H&M is very pleased to mark the company's 15th year anniversary of its founding. Fifteen years ago, H&M co-founder Ian Henderson with government security background set out to build his own security company, a company focused on hiring the absolute best staff and delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

H&Ms 15th anniversary is a tremendous milestone for the company. Over the past 15 years we have introduced incredible innovation into the industry. We have pioneered a partnership with our clients that empowers their needs and ideas by using our services and systems. We set the bar only by what we believe defines customer satisfaction.

Essential to the growth of our company has to be achieving the SIA approved contractor scheme. We have always remained within its top 10% of performers and we continue to do so ensuring that clients understand that we have a real commitment to quality and professionalism including customer care.

Other factors that have been important to us such as investing into our community, we will always aim to combine community investment communications with decision making and business practices. Since H&Ms inception we have endeavored to be a role model for care and support within the communities that we work in by actively supporting initiatives and projects that help the well-being of the communities in which we operate. We are wholly committed to supporting worthy and charitable activities in the community and hold regular functions and fundraising events to promote these. We provide various ad-hoc donations to schools and charitable organisations, by H&M staff who part take in fundraising events, to assist in their fundraising events or help fund specific requirements.

So Ian how does it feel that H&M is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the Security Industry? 

“We are elated, 15 years is a massive achievement that very few companies ever attain. We are very proud of our dedicated and committed team of Managers, Supervisors, Controllers, Response Officers and Security Officers, who have enabled us to go from strength to strength and gain a reputation for providing quality security services. We look forward to continuing that culture of innovation and our relentless pursuit of perfection. I am immensely proud to be leading a team of people who strive for perfection every day and relentlessly work to build the best security provisions possible and deliver incredible service to our customers.”

Ian added, “To H&Ms employees and clients, current and future, it has been a wonderful few years of achievements. I thank you for your dedication and loyalty to H&M and our unique culture, and to our commitment of achieving excellence. We've done amazing things together, but the best is still yet to come. H&M are extremely proud of these achievements and were hoping that we will see similar growth and success over the next 15 years and hopefully I will be able to report back to you on that at some stage”