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Winter Preparations

Starting our Winter Preparations Early

As we approach the end of British Summer Time with darker evenings and colder nights we are starting some early preparations that we hope will benefit both our customers and our security teams working on site.

When the clocks go back at the end of the month it will not be long before it is dark when staff are leaving work, and days will start to get much colder. This will mean that lights in offices and heating systems are more likely to be left on when everyone goes home. With the high cost of energy this can be a significant drain on budgets, as well as damaging to the environment.

We are starting a process of toolbox talks (staff briefings) that will remind officers of the importance of patrolling offices when they first come on duty and make sure that any lights or heating that have been left on are switched off where appropriate as well as checking for open windows, that can be a security risk as well as wasting heat. Officers are also encouraged to look for water leaks and other maintenance issues that could result in damage or safety issues

Darker evenings and nights traditionally see a rise in crime. We believe that the presence of an on site security officer is still one of the most effective deterrents, but to get the best out of any employee it is important that their working environment is comfortable and meets expected standards.

Our Operations and Welfare Managers are currently completing a programme of worksite inspections targeted at officer’s welfare facilities, and reviewing patrol routes. These worksite inspections will be conducted with the changing weather conditions and associated risks in mind.