Ian Henderson

Founder of H&M Security Services
Managing Director

Ian formed H&M Security Services in 2000, and has led the company as Managing Director ever since. Ian has been involved in security for 40 years.

His broad experience includes 6 years military service with the British Army. A proud member of the Ist Battalion the Royal Highland Fusiliers , Ian served in Germany, Northern Ireland, North Africa, and Gibraltar.

On leaving the army Ian spent a short time with the Strathclyde Police, before moving to London and setting up in business for himself.

Ian ran a successful services company providing security, cleaning and maintenance for several years, and in 2000 formed H&M Security Services.

Ian is proud of his background, both as a Scot and his time with the British Army, and enjoys sharing his success.

Major Sponsor at London Scottish Rugby Football Club, Richmond. Sponsor of Woodford Rugby Club. Arranged and sponsored visits by World War II veterans to France and Gibraltar, as well as trips to London to celebrate 50th anniversary of D-Day.